Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless steel grade is covering the comprehensive range of compositions that are resulting in the generation of different mechanical properties and microstructures. This alloy group is highly useful for mild steel replacement in components and structures. Stainless steel alloy is highly preferred as it is cost effective. Also, it is having a good combination of corrosion resistance, formability, metallurgical stability and easy to weld. The fabrication characteristics, excellent mechanical properties, and well-finished appearance are making the Stainless Steel Tubes of high quality and also a popular choice. Today this is found useful in a wider range of industry applications.

The stainless grades produced by the fine tube are including dual phase duplex grade and single phase austenitic grade. The good corrosion resistance properties and good mechanical properties and awesome fabrication characteristics making it a candidate material in various industries like the piping system, structural applications, medical devices etc. Stainless Steel Tubes is used in the applications that need rigid materials for the water conveyance. The manufacturers are selecting the stainless steel as the man-made raw materials are having unwanted exposure effects and are having desirable qualities for clear water maintaining. Steel tubes are used for the structural support in vehicles and building. These tubes are usually manufactured based upon standardized sizes.

Manufacturing stainless steel tubing-

There are three main ways of manufacturing the Stainless Steel Tubes that gives the name to the tubing classifications.

Seamless- the seamless tube is manufactured by extrusion. The extruded tubes are formed into a cold or hot process. The steel bar long sections are forced through the die that blocks the intended shape of the tube.

Electric resistant welded (ERW) – This way is involving passing of the rolled sheet of the steel through the two weld rollers. The weld rollers are having a groove around the circumference with which the steel roll passes. There at roll seam is a contact that transmits the electricity at the sufficient current for welding seam closed. The weld resulting is small.

Drawn-over-mandrel (DOM) – Mandrel is actually a small metal piece that is inserted into the tubing for shape-defining. It is giving tube extra support for preventing the unwanted wrinkling while drawing. The tubing is passed through the die that is having a smaller diameter as the present size of the tube. As the tube is drawn, it gets shrink for matching the size of the diameter of the die. The process is allowing for the tight tolerance and specifications.

All these Stainless Steel Tubes manufacturing techniques are allowing the manufacturer’s ability to form varying tube sizes and shapes. The tubes aren’t always cylindrical and it can be the triangle in shape or square or polygonal shape. The tubing is destined for some applications that need extra processes. The applications involved hydrogen needs to be factory pre-cleaned as the instrument grade because of hydrogen reactive characteristic can cause embrittlement of metal and explosion too.

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