Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless Steel, since it has emerged more than decades ago, has now become one of the world’s most popular and static materials. This alloy has been used in wide industries which include Stainless Steel Pipes etc. SS alloy has been recognized by the scientist that the presence of iron-chromium combination present offers a superior and highly unmatched quality to its material. So basically, Stainless Steel is an iron alloy that contains high quality and quantity of chromium content approx 10%. This alloy exhibits the finest qualities in it which are highly suitable for manufacturing pipes, rods etc from it.

Stainless Steel possesses excellent corrosion resistant in a corrosive environment. There are various chemical content such as nickel, chromium, titanium, copper, and carbon etc are present in SS. They provide great strength, formability, high toughness and other general properties of Stainless steel.

Uses of Stainless Steel Pipes: Stainless Steel used in pipes is highly useful in a number of industries due to its good properties and other salient features. Stainless Steel Pipes are used in equipment like automobiles, heat exchangers, instrumentation, evaporators etc. since these pipes are low maintenance and by the same time exhibits quality features in it makes them a good choice to be used in diverse range of equipment and applications.

A process of manufacturing Stainless steel Pipes:

Till now you have understood that why we should use Stainless Steel Pipes and what are its uses in wide industry and application. Let us know some of the information regarding its manufacturing process conducted by several production industries.

The SS strips are first checked and then fed into a tube mill to manufacture it further. Here the SS strips are passing through a number of rollers and trimmed in various size and shapes. Then the welding machine is used to weld the trim edges of SS strips, this is a welding process. This way the pipes are obtained. These rolled pipes are further manufactured in required length as per the necessity of various industries. The obtained Stainless Steel Pipes are then cleaned to remove dirt particles and then sent to the heat treatment process. Here the stresses are removed from the pipes and straightened.

Finally, the finishing process conducts the marking through the ink jet machine which marks the grade, size, shape etc of the pipes.

Services provided by industries:

A number of industries are established in the markets which are ISO certified and provide their clients with the top-notch quality of Stainless Steel Pipes. These industries provide pipes in the customized specification as per the necessity of the customer. The companies offer their valuable services to their clients across the globe which includes:

Packaging: pipes are packaged efficiently in wooden crates, boxes etc as per the customer demand

Material tests: the industry performs several testing such as PMI, IGC, pitting corrosion test etc.

Documentations: companies are committed to offering documentation such as fumigation certificate, welding procedure specification, quality assurance plan etc.

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